A large black piglet taking a break from feeding.

Heritage Chickens at Bioscape Farm

We have a great mix of heritage breed chickens on our farm. In this picture this is a black langshan, Egyptian fayoumis, chantecler, barred rock, and a black tailed Japanese buff bantam.

One of our small flock of muscovy hens. They are very good brooders and mothers.

Our two rams shortly after being shorn.


Heritage Breeding

We raise all of our heritage breed animals in the hopes to conserve their genetic uniqueness but also with caution of excessive linebreeding. We are constantly seeking other breeders for new genetic lines, and are always happy to send animals to new farms to do the same. If you are interested in any of the following breeds, please contact us by email.

Large Black Pigs

Our large black pigs get large and black!! These pigs have an excellent demenour and enjoy a back scratch any day. They are a pasture breed, are hardy over winter (even in northern Canada), and grow to be a good size. Please contact us for pedigrees and availability.

Poultry and Waterfowl

We are taking a one-year break from selling hatching eggs and chicks. We hope to having the following breeds for 2018.

Standard Heritage Breeds for 2019
Black Langshans
Barred Rock
Lavender Orpington
Black Copper Marans - limited
Mixed heritage breeds
American Buff


Icelandic Sheep

We have a growing flock of Icelandic sheep. Our sheep are not registered, but are purebred. They come in a variety of beautiful colours. We will be selling ewe-lambs and ram-lambs this year.