Our daughters pitch in to help make the farm a great place to live.

Our sunset!

Our animal homes resemble our own home - round. The geese swim out everyday and rest on the deck of this floating duck house that is on the pond next to our house.

About Us

We are Justus and Michelle and our five children. We moved to our lovely 309 acre property on December 29, 2012. We started from scratch, building our 16-sided house, putting up solar panels, and building the barn, fences, breeding pens, the list goes on... Our farm is situated on rolling terrain with mature forest, a fish-bearing creek, natural wetlands and open fields. It is a beautiful, diverse piece of land that we share with native wildlife and plant species. We started acquiring our diverse farm yard mix of animals before we moved to the farm, and haven't stopped since.

Our Philosophy

Key aspects of our farm are:
• sustainable practices
• diversity
• low input hardy breeds

We pasture raise all our livestock as much as possible. We care about genetic stock conservation, most of our farm animals are heritage breeds, and we work within a local supply and demand market as much as possible.

Our Operations

Currently, we have Large Black pigs, Icelandic sheep, a variety of poultry and waterfowl, Rex rabbits, and bees. We also produce a large number of vegetables for ourselves, to supplement the diet of our livestock, and for local sale. The best way to keep up with our farm is by following us on Facebook.


We are members of the following agricultural groups:

Canadian Swine Breeders Association

BC Honey Producers Association

Canadian Heritage Breeds

Beyond the Market


Michelle Roberge
Bioscape Farm
12140 Sackner Pit Road
PO Box 2584, Vanderhoof, BC, V0J 3A0

Please visit us on Facebook to learn more about us and our animals, as well as for recipes, links to associations we belong to, and articles about our breeds and other interesting small farm information. Thanks again for supporting local agriculture!