One dozen delicious free run and free range eggs.

The large black breed is a gentle heritage breed with fantastic floppy ears. They are known for their bacon, which we can concur is excellent!

This amazing bird is a royal palm tom.

Meat & Eggs

(updated November 2019)

In Vanderhoof we are lucky to have government inspected facilities for large livestock as well as rabbits and birds. Our meat is grown as naturally as we can considering our landscape and seasonal concerns. We pasture our animals as much as possible, and when we do have to feed, our first choice is local hay, grains and feed.

Buy by the animal, cut or make a custom order! Several times a year I make packages that I post on our Facebook page - please check there, like and follow our page to get the latest deals and news.

Our meat, eggs and other food products are subject to availability. Please contact us if you have questions. We appreciate pre-orders on all products!


Sold by the whole, half or cuts.


Sold by the whole or cuts. Click for our 2019 Lamb Order Form.


Sold by the cuts (limited quantities).


We expect to have some turkeys available for the fall of 2020.


Our supply of ducks for the table is dependant on finding a local facility to process them. Please contact us to inquire.


We have a large flock of heritage and mixed breed birds that on average produce small to large eggs. Our birds are free run and range with access to the farmyard, forest and wetland most of the year. $5.00 /dz chicken eggs.


We hope to have bees and honey again for 2020.


We have Rex rabbits that are good for pets or a meal if you prefer. These rabbits are good meat rabbits and also produce a lovely pelt. We will have rabbit meat available in early summer of 2020. Please contact us to inquire.

Prices are subject to change.