Some of our Icelandic ewes enjoying the sunset.

One of our Icelandic lambs. We will be shearing all the lambs and kids this fall. Pre-orders accepted on fleeces.

A young rex rabbit.


We are very excited to be able to offer raw Icelandic sheep wool for handspinners, knitters, quilters and weavers. We shear our ewes in the spring and our lambs in the fall.

Icelandic Sheep Wool

Icelandic wool is a unique fibre and very versatile. The Icelandic fleece is dual coated, meaning that it has a long outer coat called tog and a fine inner coat called thel. It can be used for clothing, bedding and is excellent for felting.

Tog: medium wool • 50-53 spinning count, or 27 microns • wavy with little or no crimp • excellent for worsted spinning.

Thel: fine wool • 3-4 inches long with an irregular crimp • 65-70 count, or 20-21 microns • soft as cashmere and lustrous • warm, excellent against the skin.

We have both naturally coloured and white sheep. We have some wool available, however we are shearing again the fall and will have first year lamb's wool.

Raw lamb's wool: $15 /lb
Raw ewe's wool: $10 /lb


Rex Rabbit Fur

Rex rabbits have extremely soft fur, and their pelts are good to make mittens and other garments that require that added softness. Please contact us for more details.